Immune System and TA-65

Posted by Gökhan Gökmen 13/03/2020 0 Comment(s)

Immune System And TA-65

The immune system is the most critical and very complex defence system in our body against pathogens and other attacks inside the body, for example, cancer cells that have uncontrolled growth potential. This topic became even more important, especially for the elderly population recently due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. According to health authorities, individuals at most risk are the older population with heart diseases, lung diseases and diabetes, obesity, which are very related to ageing.

If we look at a deeper level, what is going on in the immune system can reveal the truth. The immune system is also formed of highly specialized cells with various tasks. As all cells in our body, they age and lose their functions. The number of senescent (inactive toxic cells) cells increases, leading to a decline in the immune functions.

Cells age because their telomeres get shorter with every replication.

Telomeres are the end tips of the chromosomes (DNA). One of the primary strategies of the body to keep itself healthy and functional is to replicate a new, young and healthy cell from used and worn-out cells. And eliminate the old one. But with each cell replication, something unique happens. Telomeres shorten with each replication leading to cellular ageing. Once the telomere reaches a critical length, it can not replicate itself anymore because telomere length is the controlling factor for replication and is really an ageing clock of the cell. And eventually, an old cell can not function as it was once young.

The same thing happens in the immune system. When immune cells’ telomeres are extremely short, they become senescent and can not work anymore. And immune system is compromised.

There are may studies can be found in PUBMED supporting telomere shortening and immune system relation.

TA-65 (Canada NPN 80092312) is a highly purified and bio enhanced compound from the roots of natural astragalus to boost the immune system with regular and long term use. It recovers the senescent cells to healthy and functional cell structures supporting the immune system. Several studies have shown that TA-65 reduces the number of CD8+CD28- immunosenescent T cells in humans when taken orally (1 capsule/day).

TA-65® is demonstrated to increase telomerase activity and restore the telomeres in humans (Bernardes de Jesus, Schneeberger et al. 2011, Harley, Liu et al. 2011, Salvador, Singaravelu et al. 2016). TA-65®MD is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS certificate issued by FDA body). No product-related toxicity was reported in two randomized placebo-controlled studies over the one-year duration (Dow and Harley 2016, Salvador, Singaravelu et al. 2016).

The use of TA-65 may help elderly populations to restore the immune functions, which is very important these days against not only for Coronavirus (Covid-19) but also many other pathogens as well.

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