About Us

Who We Are?

We are in anti-aging & wellness since 1995, working with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, geneticists and functional medicine doctors. 

We have extensive experience with dermal fillers, AHA peelings, high strength peeling such as TCA, Dermaroller, growth factor mesotherapy solutions and many other cosmetic procedures.

We believe external appearance is vital for social connection. But ageing starts within and is multidimensional.

Therefore for anti-ageing approaches or even to reverse the ageing, we should focus on internal factors such as nutrition, exercise, mental state, oxidative stress, inflammation and many others.

The latest studies have shown that ageing is a reversible journey at any age. Reversing ageing means to be able to healthy, fully functional and energetic while capable of all cognitive functions.

Our expertise is telomere biology to help to stop or even reverse the ageing. Lengthening of telomeres is a very scientific and proven method even today.

Our Vision

One day, 120 years young men or women will live as healthy as 30’s they were.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the perception of ageing in the community. Ageing is not inevitable.