Helping to Maintain And Improve Immune System on Elderly Subjects (60-85) By Using (Astragallus Extract)

Posted by Gökhan Gökmen 16/03/2020 0 Comment(s)

Helping to Maintain And Improve Immune System on Elderly Subjects (60-85) By Using (Astragallus Extract)

Recent news about Covid 19 (or Coronavirus) has proved our ageing population has much higher risks for infections and consequences may deadly. Because most of the elderly populations' immune system is compromised due to cellular ageing of not only the skin, liver, lung, heart cells but also immune cells are also ageing.

The immune system is a vital system to stay alive because it protects sensitive human body aginst external and internal pathogens such as cancer cells infectious invaders. Everyday many cancerous cells are produced in the body, but if the immune system is functioning properly, all these threats are successfully terminated.

Immune ageing is one main reason for the compromised immune system.

The scientific background of immune ageing is very well explored, and one of the primary mechanisms is telomere shortening of immune cells.

Telomeres are the end tips of the chromosomes, and they get shorter and shorter as we age.

They are indeed the ageing clocks of all 100 trillion cells in our body. Cells understand and determine it's age by checking 92 telomeres in each cell. Even only 1 critically short telomere can put the cell in crisis easily. Therefore telomeres are the direct indicator of ageing.

TA-65 is a natural food supplement approved by Health Canada (NPN:80092312) to maintain and even improve the immune system as herbal medicine. The medicinal ingredient is highly purified and bioavailable astragalus extract, which can be used 1-4 capsule/day based on your ageing and your doctors' recommendations.

TA-65 has been studied on 36 male subjects (aged 60-85) and compared with placebo at 6, 12 and 24 weeks.

immune system improvement summary

T lymphocytes are responsible for the cellular "adaptive" immune response in the body against foreign invaders. The strong proliferation response of antigen-specific T lymphocytes is critical to mounting a robust immune response against foreign material that the body has been exposed to in the past. The mean increase in proliferative response for the product group at 24 weeks was about 53% over the baseline response.

NK (Natural Killer) cells are specialized lymphocytes belonging to the "innate immunity" arm of our immune system. These cells can immediately mount a killing response against specific tumor cells, foreign cells from infections, or cells infected with a foreign agent such as a virus, without having been previously exposed. The TA-65 treatment group had an average increase in NK cell numbers of about 14% at 12 weeks, while the NK cell number in the placebo group dropped nearly 10% in the same time period.

Based on other clinical studies as well, we are confident that TA-65 may help to improve the immune system of the aging population (> 40's) to keep them safe and healthy.

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