Proof Of Reverse Aging

Posted by Gökhan Gökmen 12/10/2021 0 Comment(s) Science,

Telomeres are the best indicator of cellular aging. Measuring telomeres gives the most accurate results of aging process. By using TA-65® long term, telomeres can lenghten while reversing the biologic age.

In 2016, a double blind placebo control study on 100 subject has revealed that even 1 capsule/day TA-65® was able to lenghten the telomeres.

For long term use, below charts are very good example of reverse aging.

At baseline this woman is 52 years old according to her birthday unfortunately her inner biologic age is 16 years older which is 68. This is critical because her health risks should be considered for her 68 years old not 52.

After 2 capsule of TA-65® for 6 years, her biologic age decreased to 54 reversing her biologic age by 14 years.

There is also more important interpretation of this result. If this lady did not take TA-65® her best chronologic age was going to be 74 (68+6 years) at best possible scenario because she is aging faster 1 / year. Therefore she is actually 20 years younger than she would be if she did not take TA-65®.

This man is already younger than his chronologic age by 5 years. But after taking 2 capsule/day for 5 years, he becomes 44 years young while he is 68.  Even he is 68 but he performs like 44 years young man.